I am you. You are me. We are everything. And everything is nothing. Blissful emptiness.

I had never felt soil before. Then one day, we grew onions. After a few months, tiny little pods grew inside the earth. The onions were small but they broke through some big egos. If you look at an onion closely, there are layers. Each layer is different and there are layers after layers. It is pretty much like the universe. I went on peeling till I reached the core. I thought I had found the answer. But then the core looked like another smaller onion which I could not peel further. And that is how the universe is. We keep on going deeper and deeper inside an atom only to find that there is another universe inside.

Does that mean we don’t need to peel anymore? Not at all! That will undo the learning of the first layer itself. Every peel is a circle which expands after every layer and the process gives birth to a spiral; the spiral of celebration which we know as life. To transcend each layer and move to a different dimension, work is important. And this work on the self by propelling one on the outside is ‘Saadho’.

Saadho provides a space to incubate people and processes to catalyze the evolution of the collective consciousness. It is a field of work where one can play in the realm of duality to approach advait. Saadho reminds us that the magic of life consists in achieving action through non-action. It is a collective that grows together and aids an individual in finding their true nature, the nature of the cosmos.

Saadho is an open invitation to come together and incubate conscious businesses, philosophies and technologies. There is no ambition to take over the world or create any dent in the universe, the aim is to find a tuning with oneness and resonate in harmony. It is an invitation to walk together towards the gathering of love and add oil to the flame of life.

The initial explorations have begun in the field of fabric, something very close to humans from a very long time. From the time a person takes birth till the time he or she departs from this world, there is contact with fabric in one form or the other. Since some of us are based around Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh where the mercury drops to around zero degrees, we began with wool but are focused more on organic cotton and naturally dyed clothes currently. And since we are in 2016, we’re also open to the possibility of 3D printing the products for all our friends!

The other areas of interest are farming and seeds, eco-architecture and creative forms of expression. Combining all of this, we have been working on a theme based magazine which is published every four months (music edition here) and have also began making docufilms, check out- The Mountain Within.  The intention is to portray stories which move us inside.

These are two areas of work in which there is movement already. As a collective, the idea is to be open, transparent and work together on things we always wanted to. Let’s grow together, outwards, inwards and beyond!